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SUMMARY Decrypted

READ ¹ Decrypted S around laws and regulations and around failure itself Less than a decade on the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin is soaring in demand and a single unit is valued in the thousands It has spawned hundreds of clones and its underlying blockchain technology has created a revolution in computing It has legally made millionaires.

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READ ¹ Decrypted Of thousands of ordinary peopleDecrypted shows you in plain no nonsense terms exactly how that happened Cryptocurrency and startup pioneer Leng Hoe Lon walks you through how cryptos like Bitcoin work and get their value their strengths and weaknesses their implications for the world and how they fit in your investment plan.

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READ ¹ Decrypted Join the cryptocurrency revolution or ignore itas a passing fad Check out the facts and decide for yourselfIn 2009 an anonymous programmer releases a new method of paying and being paid to the world No one runs it; no one controls it; no authority verifies it In this its creator promises is a way around banks and government.

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  • Decrypted
  • Leng Hoe Lon
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  • 05 June 2020
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