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Neal Shusterman ✓ 6 Free read Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Neal Shusterman review The Toll Hor Neal Shusterman’s Arc of a Scythe trilogy constitutions are tested and old friends are brought back from the dea. I really ought to give this book 1 star for Jeri alone If you don t know what tokenism is you will understand this term after reading The Toll But let me get to the novel in general first before I start ranting about Jeri specificallyWhen I finished rereading Thunderhead a couple of days ago I did so with trepidation and excitement What will come out of the thrilling cliff hangers I thought Where will Goddard lead his New Order What is the future of the Scythedom How will humanity handle the absence of the Thunderhead in its lives What will the roles of Rowan and Citra be if they do indeed survive Will humanity reform itself in any kind of profound way How will people handle the impending overpopulation problem if left to their own devicesWhat Shusterman delivered in The Toll was a messy overlong boring meandering novel that also tried to be a commentary on the present day American political climate or so it seemed It culminated in the ending that was both neatly predictable and satisfying and at the same time a total copout The pacing and plot structure needed work There was a ton of characters introduced that ultimately had no bearing on the story arc They lived they did some inconseuential busy work they died or whatever Easily 200 pages could have been trimmed away The whole Toll story line while it dabbled in an interesting idea of how religions are born was long and sucked a lot of oxygen out of the narrative Citra and Rowan had minimal and mostly thankless roles of star crossed lovers to play in this novel and not much elseBut the most massive disappointment for me was by far the development of Goddard I truly couldn t understand how he managed to consolidate his power being a nonsensical tantrum y psycho mass killing villain that he was in The Toll Granted there hadn t been much to his agenda in either Scythe or Thunderhead but here in The Toll was an opportunity for Goddard to be explained Goddard had such a strong following but why There is a paragraph in this novel that actually could have been a great motivator for following someone like Goddard What IS an immortal humanity without scythes without the threat of death the only thing that stirs the blood of people the only limitation and the only fear This is the uestion at the a core of this series IMO but the way Shusterman answered it in the end was no answer at all In fact the resolution obliterated any justification for ever considering creating the Scythedom with its violent methods in the first place Also not explained were changes in the rules of this world with Goddard suddenly able to run economies and have new administrative powers I think Shusterman s desire to bring current events and current president into the story to draw parallels changed his original world building to something that makes no sense at allNow Jeri Oh Jeri Jeri is the only gender fluid person ever introduced in this series and the way I saw it this character s main role was to be a mouthpiece for this particular issue Shusterman had become suddenly and inexplicably interested in and be objectified and used You could literally tell Jeri was grafted on top of the narrative to deliver the message because there was nothing else for this character to do That in this futuristic world where people don t die can rejuvenate and reinvent themselves have multiple families and lives and have an ample opportunity to explore everyone and everything anyone would need a lecture on gender fluidity was absurd I literally cringed in embarrassment for Shusterman while reading Jeri s TED talks on the subject of the gender fluid people are people too variety This is not The Handmaid s Tale for goodness sake we all have already understood that all social constructs like class gender race were a thing of the past in this series Even though it must be said Shusterman himself never brought up any other sexual identity other than cis in the previous installments Which makes Jeri s character even uestionable I am going to assume that Shusterman came to creating Jeri from a well meaning place but it sure turned into an awkward earnest exploitative disaster if you ask meA letdown

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Neal Shusterman ✓ 6 Free read Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Neal Shusterman review The Toll Closed itself off to everyone but Grayson TolliverIn this pulse pounding conclusion to New York Times bestselling aut. the best thing about this book is the storytellingwriting without a doubt shusterman is a genius with how he weaves each of the characters old and new having their paths flirt with each other until they finally intertwine there are so many moving parts to the conclusion of this series that it feels like the reader is watching a puzzle being completed with each piece slowing finding its home until the final result is realised its just so masterfully done that i cant help but praise the writing and how the story is told so much so that i want to round up my rating that being said i have finally become tired of the story itself luckily its now over i just think the novelty wore off after the second book and this installment is much longer and drawn out than it needs to be in my opinion it also doesnt help that the reason i loved this story to begin with citra and rowen and how they interact with each other is not present for 95% of this novel its a personal pet peeve when stories separate the main characters so i just wasnt enjoying that aspect of the plot i do appreciate how everything is resolved and i think many fans of the series will like the conclusion but unfortunately i just felt a little less invested in this than i was at the beginning of the series 35 stars

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Neal Shusterman ✓ 6 Free read Summary ´ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ Neal Shusterman review The Toll It’s been three years since Rowan and Citra disappeared; since Scythe Goddard came into power; since the Thunderhead. wow