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  • 03 June 2018
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Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » David Rhodes David Rhodes » 4 Free read Free download Rock Island Line Station When a young woman appears to free him from his malaise they return together to the Iowa heartland where the novel soars to its heartrending climax First published to eno. This novel is the story of Driftless s July Montgomery before he settled in southwestern Wisconsin at the end of his life The book starts and ends in Iowa City Iowa where July was born When July is ten years old and his parents die in a car accident he leaves Iowa and everything he knows making his home in Philadelphia s Center City s subway system Rock Island Line is the story of a boy growing up homeless running away from his past and keeping voluntarily disconnected from people and what happens eventually when life forces him to confront his pastOriginally published in 1975 this book s re release coincides with the publication of David Rhodes Driftless about July Montgomery s twilight and his first book in over thirty years

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Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » David Rhodes David Rhodes » 4 Free read Free download Rock Island Line Rmous acclaim in 1975 Rock Island Line brings Rhodes's striking characterizations and unparalleled eye for the telling detail to this tale of paradise lost and possibly regaine. I don t really know what a gothic novel is but I think this is one It s the story of July Montgomery and his beginnings in Sharon Center Iowa his journey to Philadelphia alone at a young age and the shape of his young adulthood Kind of a journey of self discovery kind of book I guess Though an overall interesting story it would occasionally get bogged down I didn t really need 3 pages on installing a septic tank

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Download ì PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook » David Rhodes David Rhodes » 4 Free read Free download Rock Island Line Raised in an idyllic Iowa town young July Montgomery is rocked by the tragic death of his parents Fleeing to Philadelphia he fashions a ghostly existence in an underground train. The skill a writer has the better heshe is able to manipulate an intended audience This is a given Creating personality place time and event are all tools to manipulate readers so they can believe the action of characters and the outcome of stories David Rhodes is a master of manipulation His book Rock Island Line carefully pulls the reader into the sad world of his main character July Montgomery then moves us with a very believable story of survival and growth His descriptions of place and time are beautiful melodic in the telling and memorable in effect One place contrasts with another as emotions build upon themselves July who is a young child in the country when we first meet him first loses his grandmother to age then his parents to a car accident We know how important these people are in his life as they have been important to us Rhodes carefully introduced each to his audience and provided full summaries of their lives We then read with amazement when July at age 10 runs away from his aunt who has come to take care of him to the city of Philadelphia He then lives beneath the subway tunnels is befriended by a master crook reads through his teenage years meets an amazing young woman then moves back to his original home in the country to settle down with her Throughout it all we are kept in tune with July s thoughts and we learn from them We learn what it means to lose everything to be alone to value beauty to fear to hunger to trust and ultimately to love We learn to believe July Montgomery will succeed despite having all the odds against him And because of this belief we also learn joy Unfortunately it is exactly at this point that Rhodes skills of manipulation fail He pushes the story too far It would be unfair for me to tell you the ending but the unforeseen events that once again change July s life are so contrived they take the book into a completely different genre and destroy the credibility of the very lessons that had been so masterfully taught The events become so shocking that readers will want to throw the book across the room or give it a terrible review But that would be too easy Rock Island Line is well worth reading Writing that is so good that readers are drawn through a book page by page with baited breath is worth celebrating Rhodes understanding the power of manipulation and having the skill to use it in his writing is praiseworthy Overusing it like overusing so many other powers makes it crass and is to be condemned