E–book [Mary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories] Ú Rosemary Wells

  • Paperback
  • 64
  • Mary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories
  • Rosemary Wells
  • English
  • 14 May 2020
  • 9780141308159

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characters ¾ Mary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories 104 Master storyteller Rosemary Wells tells the incredible true story of a World War I nurse who brought medical care to the AppalachiansMary Breckinridge trained as a nurse during World War I rode on horseback into the isolated mount. Mary Breckinridge was a well born young woman who might have lived out an uneventful life as a wife and mother Instead after suffering tremendous personal losses she became a nurse serving first in France in World War I and later founding the Frontier Nursing Service bringing much needed health care into the isolated Appalachian Mountains This short book based on true accounts tells the stories of three families whose lives were forever changed thanks to Mary This would be a wonderful introductory book for a report on a remarkable woman or a lesson on compassion and how one person can truly change the world

characters Mary On Horseback Three Mountain StoriesMary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories

characters ¾ Mary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories 104 Was born Mary's story is amazing And it is trueWells's realistic yet poetic prose perfectly captures the dichotomy of the majestic beauty of Appalachia and the harsh realities of mountain life This one's a gem School Library Journ. This tells three stories about Mary Breckinridge s nursing services to the family of Appalachia during the early twentieth century I bought the book a long time ago but when I flipped through it I immediately realized it was too graphic to read my young son I have waited until now to read it to him Some of the most graphicA man gets his leg crushed in the first story A mother dies in childbirth during the last story and her older daughter won t talk afterwards My son wondered why she wouldn t talkMiscellaneous talk about children dying diseases fever needles vaccines and so on So not for sensitive children The book is VERY slim even though it is a chapter book It takes less than an hour to readEditted to add Somebody else mentioned in a review about the Christian slant Honestly I don t think there is a Christian slant at all I don t think anything is mentioned of Mary Breckinridge s religious affiliations I think one Appalachian man talks very briefly about putting faith in God but honestly what do we expect him to say

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characters ¾ Mary On Horseback Three Mountain Stories 104 Ains of Appalachia and never looked back Instead she spent her life fording icy streams and climbing untracked mountains to bring medical help to those in need More nurses on horseback joined Mary and the Frontier Nursing Service. I couldn t resist buying this book at a gift shop at a coal mining town As it s a short read I consumed it on the ride homeThis book reminded me of Catherine Marshall s Christy as both were about people who came to work with the impoverished people in Appalachia Christy was a school teacher Mary Breckinridge was a nurse who started the Frontier Nursing Service Mary came into situations where there were no medical supplies or training and saved as many lives as she could These short stories were heart warming and well told but as in her real life not everyone survivedMary herself turned her own grief at losing two children and two husbands into fuel for the compassionate work that she didI am going to guess that Breckinridge County was named for her or for her family