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  • 05 March 2020
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Read & download å Criminal 100 Characters Criminal Rime Crime Fictions argues that our obsession with 'big arguments' about crime's causes can lead us to mistake individual cases as proof of universal rules How he asks can we suspend our knee jerk reactions and begin to understand crime for what it is as a risk that can be managed and reduce. Very interesting I found this a lot open to be unsure of the explanation about opportunity being the driving force of crime compared to the Nick Ross book on crimeI would say this is great reading for those interested in crime and people who want to be challenged critically about what you think about crime and how you think about crimeReally slays or casts serious intellectual doubt on commonly held assumptions about crimeTop work Mr Gash

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Read & download å Criminal 100 Characters Criminal Is either a selfish choice an aberration; or a forced choice the product of social factors These two stories continue to dominate both our views of and responses to crime And says Tom Gash they are completely wrong     In seeking to dispel the myths that surround and inform our views of c. An interesting and accessible overview of the research into crime it s causes and the motivation and circumstances of criminals The comparison to the two dominant theories of crime was interesting and referred to a bit throughout but it didn t create as coherent an overview as I was expecting Perhaps I wanted too easy an answer It did feel that the references in each section to other related myths would have been helpful if I didn t have to remind myself which was myth 3 etc each time so referring by name not number which interrupted the flow of the argumentsI m sure this book will impact on my own thinking about crime and punishment over time and it s an important work Not uite 4 stars for me due to flow and structural issues and the strength of some arguments not being up to scratch Very worthy information over all and an important area

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Read & download å Criminal 100 Characters Criminal How our views of crime and its causes are wrong and how we can begin to understand and tackle it properly      The way we see and understand crime falls into two types of story that in essence have been told and retold many times throughout human history in fiction as in fact Criminality. If I was to sum this book s premise in a uestion it would be Life is complicated why would you think crime would be any different Attempting to both dismiss the common myths about crime such as poverty causes crime and criminals such as they ll stop at nothing the book is also written to explain how crime can be reduced based on collected evidenceThe points raised are certainly interesting and really challenge some common perspectives with some recent and historical studies The author s primary point is that crime is caused by many factors both personal environmental and opportunistic I feel the book could have been greatly improved by summarising all the points made on causal factors for ease of reading My main concern with the book however is that while it delivers on the first half of its aim dispelling myths it doesn t deliver well on how crime can be reduced There are only a small number of specific examples provided which gives the impression of there being many explanations of what doesn t cause crime but not a lot of information on what prevents itThe author would likely argue that there isn t any one solution to a particular type of crime and for this I agree However a principle based analysis and approach to trialling solutions could have been better detailed in the book as it stands you can build such an approach having read the book but again I feel you have to work for it a bit than you shouldI think any policy practitioner working in the justice portfolio should read this book35 starsTopics and keywords Crime Current Affairs Iconoclast Policy