The Midnight Folk (KINDLE)

  • Paperback
  • 192
  • The Midnight Folk
  • John Masefield
  • English
  • 13 October 2020
  • 9780006724162

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The Midnight Folk Read & download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ‘Don’t you have any fear Kay We’re the guards we are We hear that the house has gone all to sixes and sevens since we left it but that’s going to be remedied now’Young Kay Harker lives in an old house in the country filled with portraits of his ancestors His only companions are his unpleasant guardian Sir Theopompus and his governess Sylvia Daisy Pouncer who Kay suspects has stolen all his toys Life is lonely and dull until one night Kay’s great grandpapa Harker a sea captain steps out of his portrait to tell him about a stolen treasure that. Funny little cat takes funny little boy on all sorts of funny adventures This is a funny dream of book And this is a funny dreamy cat named Digsy She doesn t look very dreamy there But I promise you that she s spends most of her life dreamingOK THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCEThis book has a great cat character named Nibbins a little black cat who reminded me of my own Nibbins introduces our protagonist Kay to adventures that begin at the stroke of midnight The book features a huge manor house with many secret places flying invisibility ghosts visiting the lively world undersea my favorite part a great fox character two villainous cats named Blackmalkin Greymalkin and Blackmalkin is really the worst such a suck up a profane and delightful old lady who shouldn t drink so much champagne while boasting about her hoodwinkin piratin past doing all sorts of unseemly things Most of all it is about a treasure hunt And also righting some old wrongs and outwitting some dastardly witches wizardsMasefield doesn t put any distance between Kay his surreal adventures and the reader They just happen don t uestion it Don t overthink it either channel your Inner Rich Orphan and indulge in some dream logic There aren t even any chapters to break it all up so when you re in you re inThe prose for this middle grade book is surprisingly sophisticated the humor rather sneaky and the dialogue ironic and strange I loved it But I wonder if many middle graders would actually love it

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The Midnight Folk Read & download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ective from the terrors of tigers under the bed to the horrors of declining a Latin adjective Yet there is also plenty of humour that adults will appreciate from Miss Piney Trigger who swigs champagne in bed and prides herself on having backed a host of Derby winners to Kay’s lessons ‘Divinity was easy as it was about Noah’s Ark French was fairly easy as it was about the cats of the daughter of the gardener’ This mingling of past and present reality and fantasy has made this one of the most rewarding and influential children’s books ever writte. What a frustrating muddle of a book I picked it up with the excited interest of one reared on the lauded BBC adaptation of The Box of Delights and many of the same elements are here magical journeys and dips into the past a gang of villains and talking animals a dreamlike fantasy woven into a uaint world of governesses and gamekeepers What it doesn t have is any hint of a structure in fact Masefield takes his cue from the dreamlike feel of the episodes and gives us an exhausting stream of consciousness eschewing chapter headings and running one event into another introducing ideas and characters as they occur to him then dropping them as uickly We re vaguely on the uest of some buried treasure but such clues as young Kay Harker stumbles upon are both repetitive and inconsistent and somewhere along the line Masefield must have got bored of that treasure because a man comes along that s right just a man and casually mentions to young Kay there s another load of treasure knocking about in the vicinity and maybe he d like to have a go at finding that It s as if he s making it up as he s going alongDon t expect Kay to act on any of the information he gathers with any urgency either because he has schoolwork to attend to and won t he just catch it if he s not back in time for breakfast Two of his friends are trapped in a cave but oh dear it s nearly sunrise you d better be off home Oh and don t hold your breath about Kay playing any part in the happy denouement either when a deus ex machina will do the job just as wellI know The Box of Delights is eually bonkers and arguably just as much a series of episodes strung together but surely it has of a sense of plot I haven t read it perhaps the BBC adaptation is of a rescue job that it is given credit for I can see the potential for adaptation in this one with its imaginative and visual sensibility and many a vivid character to enjoy though the fact that several of them speak with an idiom as incoherent as the overall storyline doesn t help What I can t imagine is reading this to a child less still a child reading it for themselvesI notice that The Box of Delights has chapter headings which is something to look forward to at least But when I eventually summon enough patience to embark on reading it it will be with a great deal of trepidation

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The Midnight Folk Read & download ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Belongs to Kay’s family The evil Abner Brown is searching for it too but Kay is helped by the midnight folk creatures like Nibbins the cat and Rollicum Bitem Lightfoot the fox and even his lost toys who will join him on his dangerous uestThe Midnight Folk is a feast of imaginative story telling a glorious cornucopia of pirates and witches lost treasure and talking animals Although it was published in 1927 it evokes an older world houses are lit by oil lamps and travel is by horse carriage – or broomstick Masefield perfectly captures a child’s persp. An amazing dream of a book that unfolds with surreal logic as cats talk witches fly foxes plot against gamekeepers model ships sail away with a water rat captains and a hundred other odd and wonderful things while Kay tries to discover the fate of his great grandfather s lost treasure The voices and the language are as magical as the various miraculous and mysterious occurrences It utterly refuses to make any sense of things or offer explanations or justifications It s pretty much its own justification that s what