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  • Hardcover
  • 256
  • The Big Thing
  • Phyllis Korkki
  • en
  • 10 August 2020
  • 9780062384300

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DOWNLOAD The Big Thing 100 E to illuminate the factors that drive people to complete big creative projects and the obstacles that threaten to derail success In the course of creating her own Big Thing this book Korkki explores the individual and collaborative projects of others from memoirs art installations and musical works to theater productions small businesses and charities She identifies the main aspects of a Big Thing including meaningful goals; focus and effort; the difficulties posed by the demands of everyday life; and the high risk of failure and disappointment Korkki also breaks down components of t. This book was very Meta self acknowledged which had me hesitating at a few moments but the book really came through for me Since the book wasn t simply a description of the trials and challenges the author was working through in her own journey it really kept me interested I loved that Korkki was willing to give anything a shot and worked with a variety of experts to get their perspectives as wellThough I think this book would be fantastic for many people part of me kept wanting to say JUST START Starting is definitely the hardest thing when it comes to a dream but once started it s also the easiest thing to improve as you find out what mistakes you

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DOWNLOAD The Big Thing 100 He creative process and the characteristics that define it and offers her thoughts on avoiding procrastination on staying motivated scheduling a routine and overcoming self doubt and the restrictions of a day job Filled with inspiring stories practical advice and a refreshing dose of honesty The Big Thing doesn’t minimize the negative side of such pursuits including the fact that big projects are hard to complete and raise difficult uestions about one’s self worth Inspiring wise humorous and good natured The Big Thing is a meditation on the importance of self expression and purpos. I received this book as an e galley I found a lot of takeaways from this book Plenty of self help books from Barbara Sher or books like Power of Habit already talk about the importance of goal setting or finding your passion This book examines the author s struggle to write and dispenses advice via experts as well as takes the advice herself I found this book to be a reassuring piece on the process of finding a way to create something big in life how a person might feel compelled to finish or why it doesn t happen at all For those who might not have a Big Thing but feel doubts on why that is will also find a reason to pick up this book

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DOWNLOAD The Big Thing 100 A New York Times business journalist explains why it’s important for people to pursue big creative projects and identifies both the obstacles and the productive habits that emerge on the path to completion including her own experience writing this bookWhether it’s the Great American Novel or a groundbreaking new app many people want to create a Big Thing but finding the motivation to get started let alone complete the work can be daunting In The Big Thing New York Times business writer and editor Phyllis Korkki combines real life stories science and insights from her own experienc. Let me save you the time Set deadlines and get someone to hold you to them if that is what you need Meanwhile get enough sleep sit up straight and breathe deeply