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  • 27 October 2019
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Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ Karen Katchur Karen Katchur ¿ 9 Free download review River Bodies Northampton County #1 Ous to the surface memories long buried secrets best kept hidden Becca starts uestioning all her past relationships including one with a man who's watched over her for years For the first time she wonders if he's predator than protectorIn a small town where darkness hides in plain sight the truth could change Becca's life or end. The story of a young woman returning to the town where she grew up to spend time with her dying father and who is forced to return to the deep dug memories is well conceived and easy to follow A murder is committed which resembles a similar one that happened when Becca was a child and now she has to identify the true nature of a person she considered to be her protector Apart from the plot I enjoyed reading about Portland a small town where loyalty goes first The Author knows how to depict the atmosphere of such places For me it was not a page turner however I do not regret time spent reading this titleMany thanks to Karen Katchur Thomas Mercer and Netgalley for providing me with ARC in exchange foe my honest review

review River Bodies Northampton County #1River Bodies Northampton County #1

Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ Karen Katchur Karen Katchur ¿ 9 Free download review River Bodies Northampton County #1 G the two murders but the locals are on lockdown revealing nothingThe past meets the present when Becca Kingsley who returns to Portland to be with her estranged but dying father runs into Parker her childhood love As the daughter of the former police chief Becca's uickly drawn into the case Coming home has brought something omin. 5 River Bodies by Karen Katchur was a slow burn of a novel that I didn t consider a mystery or a thriller but I still enjoyed it What it s about Becca Kingsley s dad was the chief of police in Portland Pennsylvania for many years but now he is retired and dying Even though she is estranged from him when she gets the call that he is nearing the end Becca goes home to be with him While she is home a body washes up from the Delaware River and the murder looks a lot like a cold case from years before The lead detective on the case Parker also happens to have been Becca s best friend before she was sent away by her father Old romances burn again and the case for Parker to solve the murder begins while at the same time buried memories from Becca s past begin to resurface A lot of which have to do with the man John that has been watching her It all sounds very mysterious but you basically already know who the killer is even though you do get a twist thrown at you towards the end I liked the pacing of the book and it was a fast read but I didn t get thriller out of it I was at no point on the edge of my seat while reading this and even the secrets from Becca s past aren t all that shocking I also thought there were some unanswered uestions that bothered me but maybe the author meant to do that since this book is the first of a series River Bodies is also part police procedural as we get the viewpoint of Parker as he is trying to solve the murder and figure out how it ties to the cold case The small town mentality was interesting to read about especially when it came to the biker gang presiding over the town The Scions Townspeople don t want to talk there are dirty cops and there is a general sense of fear over the townspeople I think that Katchur did a really good job at setting the scene and the characters but maybe there were too many viewpoints I really disliked that there wasn t much of a mystery to it when that is what I was expecting Then why did I give it a 45 Because the pacing is uick I read it fast I was fully invested in the story even though I didn t think the mystery was great and the ending has me wanting to read the second book Final Thought I cannot stress enough the fact that I don t think this is a thriller or much of a mystery BUT it kept me interested and I liked the bit of police procedural I also really felt for Becca and teared up at the stuff with her father There is a great story here but I wouldn t go in with any sort of expectations on what kind of book it is supposed to be I didn t read the blurb again before I read it so I went in with an open mind trying not to set any expectations and I think that worked for me I do have to say that I think Katchur s writing style is very fluid and detailed which really brought the story alive for me There is also a tiny bit of gore but nothing too crazyI received an Advance Review Copy of this book All opinions are my own

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Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¿ Karen Katchur Karen Katchur ¿ 9 Free download review River Bodies Northampton County #1 In this dark gripping mystery a brutal murder unearths old secrets that should have stayed buriedA body just turned up in the small town of Portland Pennsylvania The crime is eerily similar to a twenty year old cold case another victim brutally murdered found in the Delaware River Lead detective Parker Reed is intent on connectin. I received River Bodies a new novel written by Karen Katchur coming out in fall 2018 through NetGalley Besides having a gorgeous cover and an interesting title the premise was intriguing enough for me to say yes when the publisher offered it I m glad I did as it had a wonderful balance of mystery and good old fashioned storytellingThe book is told from the perspective of several different characters across a county on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border Bodies have been found over several years in the river It s widely known that Scion gang are responsible but it s not always what it seems Two different chiefs of police daughters of various members step families affairs and mysterious connections lurk in the background It s uite a puzzle and you re never sure who is protecting whomThe writing style is strong It is very descriptive but never too much I feel like I know the area well I also lived not too far from it and understand many references eg shootings in Easton It s the type of book where I enjoyed the read but didn t care for the characters They were well written but as people none were appealing given how they talked or what they believed in At the same time it s a very real part of society and deserves a spotlight It showcases how different experiences and areas to live in shape who we are Surviving is tough when you have less support from those around you Katchur brilliantly shows these aspects and helps you connect with someone you might not normally be around It sounds odd to say it in this way but it s the best way to describe how I felt while reading the book Example sworn oaths to protect and kill for the sake of the group an eye for an eye revenge even if you get caught it happens in realityKudos to the author and thanks to the publisher for sending the book to me I d definitely read from Katchur and would recommend this book to others