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Raising Ryann Bad Boy Reformed Summary Ó 8 T isn't just the broad shoulders piercing eyes and muscular frame that has me entranced Luke Ryann has a secret And I plan to find out what it is Recommended for mature audiences due to language violence and sexual situatio. Writing The writing style was okay I was lost several times in the story uestions like where are they how did they get there and what s going on were repeat uestions Very rough scene transitions Also I wish there was from Luke s POV 2 POVs 1st person narration Characters Luke and Reese are the MCs OMGosh Reese was an aggravating heroine She got on my nervesShe was supposed to be portrayed as an impatient uick tempered strong character but she came across as a whiny hypocritical brat Storyline Alyssa Rae Taylor introduced an interesting mysterious story The beginning really grabbed my attention But the rest of the ride was good but not great Luke s mysterious and secretive ways held my attention especially at the end Like really Alyssa We re going to end it there SHORT MILD RANT ALERT Sooothe brat gets upset in the story often However there are two scenes where she slaps the snot out of Luke Reese s reaction after she notices she left a handprint on Luke s face I did this I look at him in uestion but I already know the answer I just feel bad that I gave it to him though I had my reasons Okay class can anyone tell me what would happen if a man slaps a woman not twice but just once and in self defenseIntimacy Scenes There is no sexy time I think Alyssa was trying to build intense chemistry that didn t really work until the end of the bookOverall The mystery surrounding Luke was really good Alyssa would give just enough to keep me holding on for but not give everything away But ReeseUGH

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Raising Ryann Bad Boy Reformed Summary Ó 8 T is just to catch a glimpse of his dimpled smile I won't fall victim to his charm That's what I tell myself at least though it's torture when my mind's at war with my body Something about the tattooed bad boy draws me in I. E ARC provided by Alyssa Rae Taylor in exchange for a fair and honest review Stars Book AuthorAlyssa Rae Taylor AboutTwenty year old Reese Johnson is working as a self defense instructor at a local gym She is content with her life With a dark past and heartache she is trying to move on with the help of her best friendGia When Luke Ryann came to work in the same gym it was kind of a hatelust at first sight for her But it transformed in to something something bigger something deeper The sexy tattooed MMA fighter tries to fight the obvious attraction between him and the innocentyoung Reese But will it really workAlyssa Taylor comes to you with a great storyline about the past and present About loveand lust About moving on from the past Both Reese and Luke have pasts that they are trying to break away from ThoughtsAs a young person you want sexy couple and sexy story to relate to in a YA book I found that in the book storyline Loved the idea behind the story it had great potentials But i felt like the Author did a poor job focusing on one plot She skipped A plot then interned another one don t get me wrong both of those plot were great but she needed to focus on one plot It was original story i was too afraid to read another fail re do of Beautiful Disaster by JM but i really believe that the Author survived this issue Blankly i m disappointed I was super excited to get this ARC copy I thought it will be one of those emotional unforgettable books but it wasn t I felt it was rushed and the events were all over the place There were some unnecessarily scenes So maybe the editor should focus on that The characters I didn t like the main two characters at allespecially the heroine a sesxy MMA fighter where could you go wrong right Well as i said because the events weren t focused and the suspense wasn t built gradually and progressively it effected that characters I like the stockFlatcharacters I am not a professional reviewer This is merely my personal opinion

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Raising Ryann Bad Boy Reformed Summary Ó 8 He's the stereotypical fighter 100 percent alpha male The kind of guy a girl should avoid at all costs When he's hired to privately train me avoiding him isn't an option Most girls would love to drop their panties even if i. I had the HONOR to receive an ARC of Raising Ryann from the author in exchange for an honest review I actually had heard about the book from someone else and when I read the synopsis I was all aboard and when I received the ARC I wasReese grew up with a mother that swapped men faster than most people change their underwear What this poor girl went through when six years earlier from where the book starts I wasReese is a survivor I loved her character she wasn t a helpless creature she stood up for self and took action to ensure she was never put in a situation in which she was helpless ever again I was totallyReese remembers who saved her all those years ago She dreams about him He is the ONLY one for her but he s not around any Her life is school teaching self defense classes at a local gym to young girls and helping her mother Well Reese was in for a bigLuke is a former MMA fighter he walked away from the fame glory cause he realized how shallow the life he was leading He walks away at the top and agrees to work at his friend s well they are than friends but you can read about them gym Luke also knows that Reese is working there and he remembers Reese as a kid since he stayed with his friends that lived across the street from Reese s house He also has a secret than one that he doesn t want Reese to know I had to when he decides he isn t going to let Reese in on that secret We all know how that typically goes Luke comes to realize very uickly that Reese isn t that little girl he recalls It was fun to watch a friendship begin and then ultimately a relationship blossom I so tried to restrain myself fromSadly Luke decides to fight those feelings in the beginning and this totally had me wanting to some sense into the man Luke is the kind of guy that women would sayand literally do anything to get his attention He is that hot guy As the story continues there were parts of this book where I was sofor what I thought was about to come The author did a FANTASTIC job of drawing the reader in where you could literally feel the sexual tension between Luke and Reese They shared uite of fewbut the emotional component of the story was at the forefront and KUDOS to the author for not making this story all about sex I wasbecause I loved that things were taken slow and at the right pace They don t know everything about each other well perhaps Reese didn t know everything about Luke There were a few times where I wastowards the end of the book Things became complicated very and very uickly I also shed a few tears when Luke finally opened up to Reese and shared his childhood with her I was totallywhen I got near the end of the book I was starting to I mean come on how could this go down like this and then I sat thereyou mean to tell me I have to WAIT for the next book OMG yes the book doesn t wrap up all nice and neat at the end I have a feeling book 2 is going to be seriously intense and I can t wait to see what happens between Luke and Reese Once I was able to think through everything I wasI totally didn t expect that ending but boy oh boy am I excited happy giddy and I could go on and on but I ll spare you Raising Ryann was a 5 star read for me The author did a brilliant job It was very well written that as a reader I felt the emotions the characters did The book is told from Reese POV primarily but we get a few dashes of Luke in there and it balanced the book well It wasn t all angst I certainlyat time or two Ultimately I felt the story was about two people essentially trying to work through a horrific past that all the sudden becomes there present and whether theses two can survive it together remains to be seen I highly recommend this read it is so well worth it