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Lynn Seresin ✓ 9 Summary

Lynn Seresin ✓ 9 Summary Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Lynn Seresin Free read Thin Air Thin Air Saga #1 Alice Ayre is no ordinary teenager She took her first name from a statue in Central Park pulled her last name out of the air literally and she’s actually almost a thousand years old In fact the only “ordinary” thing about Alice is that she’s in loveAlice was a sylphid a winged air spirit when she spotted Daniel Field camping in the Adirondacks and lost her heart to the handsome NYU student Intangible to the human sense. Aeris is a sylphid a spirit of the air She is considered especially beautiful even for her fair kind and is desired by all the sylphs even King Paralda himself But none of them are of any interest to her Until Aeris does the forbidden she falls in love with a human called Daniel All she longs for is to have the chance to be with him but as a sylphid that is impossible So Aeries makes the only choice that seems bearable for her even though it has been banned by Paralda She chooses to be transmuted transformed into a flesh and blood human Changing her name to Alice Ayre she sets out to find her love The worst she was expecting was that she would have to compete with Daniel s current girlfriend Instead her past catches up with her And it will not let go will not go away untilI expected an airy fairy tale when I picked Thin Air up That was not what I got Sure there were fairy beings But there were also humans There was the worst of humanity assault death and the best love hope friendship Altogether this combination of magic and realism was outstanding above and beyond anything I expected It had the beauty of faeries and a gritty realism that almost made everything one hundred per cent believableAeris was rather proud although she loved her friend Tempesta her home and her sister spirits And she really did love what she was being at one with the air She was so full of life of passion so strong Once human Alice Ayre became less proud and vulnerable Some of her reactions to human things were really cute and funny Although some of them were totally cringe worthy She was really na ve yet really mature at the same time I can t wait to see where her character goes The one thing I hope for That she may be sure in herself confident in her strength She was just a little damsel in distress at times Which was unnecessary cause she was stronger than she thought she was Daniel Field was a sweetie artistic a musician He was really nice to Alice even when she made big blunders And he was the cutest I mean he had a collection of pigs And he named them How adorable I love him He was strong sweet accepting darn adorable The dream boyfriend The only thing he may lack witty sarcasm Which is made up for byDante Sinclair who was wonderful He was warm fun sweet and great And he was in the theatre program at NYU studying to be a drama ueen Plus such a sweetie He was hilarious slightly snarky and eccentric And my own personal favourite Dante rocksThe rest of the characters were wonderful a wide variety of personalities Shane Dante s wonderful boyfriend who had a snake called Lady Gag Gag he and Dante were the cutest Wren who was blind and got feelings that were never wrong Her boyfriend Nicky who was a real sweetie The rich Giovanni Accello jolly kind and an aspiring jeweller Delilah Daniel s girlfriend who was cold evil possessive and plain horrible in my opinion And another favourite of mine who wasn t in it much at all Terra an air spirit who helped Alice out at the beginning I loved him and would really really like to see of him in the next book hint hintWhat was amazing about this book was the world Seresin created All the different beings were intriguing The sylphids and sylphs of the air The undine of the water The gnomes of the earth The salamanders of the fire Flower spirits Forest spirits For them there was no death no pain no hunger They were practically immortal And of course the whole seeing the world through a spirit s eyes was fascinating Aeris had no idea what pain was or hunger She had no clue about anything I mean she didn t know what a statue was This was a great read It was addictive and new wonderful I may not have been a big fan of the violence but while it shocked me at times it was needed in an odd way Alice had to see the bad side to get the most from the good side if that makes any sense Horrible yes But Alice just had to know how horrible humans can be I meanAs for the writing it was beautiful lyrical and so Alice I was entranced by its style actually stunned From the way this lady writes this book should be sitting on a shelf at Waterstones if you ask me She even made love at first sight work Which is as many of us know an impressive impressive success Still not 100% convinced by the sex scene it didn t really seem to fit in my opinion And while some twists were rather obvious others took me completely by surprise Though I gotta say not entirely convinced by the justice in the bookEven so I can t wait to see what Lynn brings out next especially if it has Dante and Alice and Daniel in it And maybe Terra I loved the airy fairy side to the story the romance the characters The humanity was shown at its best its worst It was completely new and different I can t wait for Friendly Fire

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Lynn Seresin ✓ 9 Summary Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Lynn Seresin Free read Thin Air Thin Air Saga #1 T when she’s mastered zippers and buttons she catches herself dropping a sugar packet into her coffee and mistaking a photo of John Lennon for one of Daniel’s relatives Her eccentricities raise the occasional eyebrow with Daniel and his friends but her uirky charm sweetness and sincerity win out Before long she lands a job begins a relationship with Daniel and starts settling into her new life until her past comes after he. Thin Air is so good It is very interesting and fun to read Alice was once a sylphid a winged air spirit She lived in the elemental realm making clouds One day she ventured to the mountains where she spotted the guy of her dreams Daniel She instantly falls in love with him She has heard that she can go to Gob a king of another realm and be made human Once she does this there is no turning back She knows nothing of Daniel except she thinks he might live in New York City Alice decides to leave everything she has ever known to become human and search for Daniel The first few chapters or so focus on Aeris aka Alice when she is living as a sylphid I didn t really enjoy this part of the book but it was short so it didn t really matter to me The story gets really interesting and fun when Alice becomes human and lands in NYC Her she meets a couple of elementals that have been human for many years They get her started and one even helps her find Daniel in the first day or so The only problem is that Daniel has a girlfriend named Delilah and she is crazy jealous Alice meets Daniel s roommates to begin with and they invite her to live with them They think she is from upstate New York and has just moved to the city with nothing Things end up not working out very uickly for Daniel and Delilah which I was glad cause I didn t like her at all Daniel and Alice begin dating and things are going really good Then she learns that she is in danger I am not going to give anything else away about the plot Dont want to spoil it for anyoneI will say that I really enjoyed all the characters except for Delilah I loved Dante and would love to be friends with him He is so funny loves to shop and is a great singer I also really enjoyed seeing or reading through Alice s eyes what it is like to not know anything about being human The simple things that we take for granted everyday she had to learn very uickly and without anyone noticing I would highly recommend reading this It is really good there is romance action and suspense It is very well written I am looking forward to reading the seuel This e book was provided to me by the author for review This did not affect my review in any way

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Lynn Seresin ✓ 9 Summary Download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Lynn Seresin Free read Thin Air Thin Air Saga #1 S her only hope of winning his heart resides in becoming mortal even though transmutation is forbidden by Paralda ruler of the air Risking punishment however seems a small price to pay for a chance at true happiness Tracking down Daniel in New York City ends up being surprisingly easy Getting noticed by him for all the right reasons is another story especially when the human world keeps tossing challenges in Alice’s path Jus. 45 starsAmazing book It grabbed me from page one and didn t let me go until the last page Full Review at The Fairytale NerdDaniel Field is My Book Boyfriend 3 Read about him hereLOCATIONSETTINGThe story is initially set on a mountaintop a place where mountain dwelling sylphs or air elementals live Imagine living in a cloud These air spirits make rain throw clouds breathe vapors and form rainbows Then the setting shifts to modern day New York City after the main character decides that she wants to be human MAIN CHARACTERAeris is the main character of the story She is basically an air elemental Even among her kind she is considered an exceptional beauty The women envy her and the men desire her even their king So when she transformed into a human you can probably guess how beautiful she became Aeris is not mated with anyone because she has not found the right one yet Then one day Aeris sees Daniel a handsome twenty year old NYU student who was camping with his girlfriend And Aeris realizes she would risk everything to be with Daniel Ah Daniel I love that you have that piggy collection Daniel is basically everything a girl would need in a friend and would want in a boyfriend He is sweet protective and romantic And he cooks too WHAT THE BOOK IS ABOUT Aeris is the narrator of the story As said earlier the day she laid her eyes on Daniel she fell in love with him At first she was debating with herself whether she wanted to give up being an air spirit for a man she does not even know Like most first loves the feeling just got too strong and Aeris just had to be with the guy and decided to be human regardless of whether or not the guy will love her back Taking such a risk she went to Gob the king of the earth spirits to take this potion that will make her human Entering the human world she was guided by other former elementals pointing to her where NYU is guiding her on how to act human and helping her find the guy named Daniel Eventually she finds him Now this is where the funny parts start Aeris now a human renamed Alice Ayre is basically Ariel with the fork from Disney s The Little Mermaid Who knew being human is so difficult It cannot be denied that there is an instant connection with Daniel but he is currently in a relationship and the girl is a bee with an itch from hell Not only that Paralda the king of the air spirits is after Alice as her transformation is against his laws and now she s being hunted too As to the love story yes this book is one of those instalove relationships but it works this time At first Daniel seemed reserved but once he was out of his ex girlfriend s reach he couldn t keep his hands off Alice The two are just so passionate about each other some of their scenes may be considered too hot for YA LOVEThis book grabbed me from page one and held me steady until I reached the last page It didn t feel like I was reading an indie book Smooth flowing story line vivid descriptions well formed characters AmazingAlthough I am very intrigued by Terra and I would love to read about him What can I say I m a sucker for supernatural boys The author beautifully described the place where air elementals live how they form clouds and make rainbows for fun It made me want to go there and be one myself And I love that this book tackled diversity in sexual orientation in race even in tastes in art and hobbies The author did not hold back on some of the realities that today s youth are facing NO LOVEI didn t like Alice Don t get me wrong here I love the book It s just that I preferred Aeris over Alice I like Alice better when she was still not human because at that time she was independent and didn t need anyone to protect her Now after her transformation she became this damsel in distress always in need of saving SIMILAR READSInfinite Days by Rebecca Maizel The Little Mermaid CONTENT REVIEW profanity moderate violence moderate sexual content heavy mature themes moderate age recommendation 15