(PDF KINDLE) [The Beverly Malibu] ☆ Katherine V. Forrest

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  • The Beverly Malibu
  • Katherine V. Forrest
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  • 06 December 2018
  • 9781555837167

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The Beverly Malibu characters ´ 0 read & download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Katherine V. Forrest review The Beverly Malibu S But which of his charmingly eccentric neighbors most of whom have worked in Hollywood since the 1940s might be responsible for what now appears to be a revenge killi. My favourite Kat Delefield storyThis is the third in the series and IMHO the best Not that I don t think all Katherine V Forrest s novels aren t splendid

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The Beverly Malibu characters ´ 0 read & download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Katherine V. Forrest review The Beverly Malibu Retired movie director Owen Sinclair she discovers that he turned over names to the House Un American Activities Committee in the 1950s and destroyed countless career. I have been a Katherine Forrest and Kate Delafield fan for a long time The plot is interesting and intense with various suspects and a curious motive I like mysteries and this was a good one I especially liked Paula Grant and her niece Aimee

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The Beverly Malibu characters ´ 0 read & download Ö PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook â Katherine V. Forrest review The Beverly Malibu Katherine Forrest's third groundbreaking mystery returns to bookstore shelvesAs LAPD detective Kate Delafield investigates the Thanksgiving Day strychnine poisoning of. There are Okay mysteries Amateur City Good mysteries Murder at the Nightwood Bar and Important mysteries The Beverly Malibu the third novel in the Kate Delafield series is an Important mystery Good interesting and well drawn characters a tight well paced plot a plausible solution and an insight into one of America s most shameful incidents the Hollywood Blacklist Little known by most of today s readers many artists in the film industry were asked by the House Committee on Un American Activities in the early 1950s to rat out members of their profession who were suspected to be Communist sympathizers or homosexuals Some like Lillian Helllman told Senator McCarthy and his cronies to effectively go fuck themselves But others did not and ruined the careers of many wonderful artists in the movie industry not only directors writers and actors but people behind the scenes as well The Beverly Malibu is about some of these people Detective Kate Delafield of the LAPD is called to a boarding house for elderly and retired members of the movie profession where a particularly grisly murder by poison has taken place Seems that the dead man testified against a number of people at the HUAC hearings over 30 years before but revenge has no statute of limitations And of course everyone else living in the house seemed to have something against him As is normal in a Kate Delafield mystery Kate and her partner Ed Taylor have to interview each person in the house to find out exactly what happened In the process the reader is treated to a history lesson not only on the McCarthy era but about the behind the scenes artists that make a movie what it is the script supervisor the historical researcher the screenwriter the film editor the actor and Their stories are all fascinating their lives well lived As is her habit Kate becomes enad with one of the suspects but in a uirky twist ends up bedding the woman s niece instead a woman than 15 years her junior Her new girlfriend is actually the least interesting person in the book but one that changes Kate in a very positive way that makes her experience facets of her womanhood Will this woman be a staple in Kate s future Only reading the next book in the series will tell The opportunity for combining a mystery with important world events comes rarely to an author and Forrest takes excellent advantage of hers I recommend this book for everyone Kudos to Lindsay Ellison who narrates each book in the series for the National Braille and Talking Book Library Somehow she accomplishes the incredible feat of making each of the dozen or characters in this book come to life in their own uniue waysAnother Note This review is included in my book The Art of the Lesbian Mystery Novel along with information on over 930 other lesbian mysteries by over 310 authors