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Free read ↠ Hearing Secret Harmonies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Er the extraordinary life of Anthony Powell – captured by acclaimed biographer Hilary Spurling in A. Certain books are age specific not in a Suitable for ages 7 and up way they just have to be read at the right time in life to truly resonate Catcher in the Rye has I think to be read in one s adolesence any older and the angst would just grate On the other hand I would say that Powell s A Dance to the Music of Time can t be read any younger than one s middle years I don t think the way it captures so perfectly the unexpectedness of life s trajectories would make any sense to anyone younger I look at where I am now and where my peers in university are now and I don t think any of us could have thought that we d be where we are I ve seen people who were written off as mediocre go on to have exciting careers in New York The wild child settled down to a very respectable conservative Christian marriage On the other hand the star student from a respectable family ended up embezzling money from his clients and after several years on the run is now in jail A few people came out childhood sweethearts got divorced the boy next door best possible catch had an affair and then moved on to sleeping with the interns It s not as if I even followed any of these people s lives or that they were my closest friends Some I read about in the papers the embezzler others were of the Foot in Mouth variety chance meeting So how are you and S doing Oh right I m so sorry to hear about the divorce Er so nice weather we re having and others of course were the OMG did you hear about D But that s how life is We lead our own lives hang out with our friends go through our life changes and end up in places we never thought we would see friends go through their own peculiar journeys and hear about the many many others we never really kept in touch with A Dance to the Music of Time captures that ebb and flow perfectly At 20 you think you got it all worked out At 40 you realise that nothing is ever truly worked out and the best you can do is just keep up with the changes I can t think of a better work to have read at this juncture of my life I would truly love to have thrust it into my sweaty eager 20 year old hands with the urgent injunction to Read it just read it This is what living is going to be like Not all of it is going to be fun and it isn t going to work out the way you think it will but I promise you the experience is all worth it But the truth is at 20 I wouldn t have got it Now in my 40 s with some wryness and recognition I do I can t wait to see how I ll react when I read it again in my 50 s and in my 60 s

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Free read ↠ Hearing Secret Harmonies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Nthony Powell Dancing to the Music of Time – available now in hardback and ebook from Hamish Hamilt. It s curious to consider that when Anthony Powell wrote Hearing Secret Harmonies the final novel in the twelve novel series A Dance to the Music of Time and despite the series starting in the early twentieth century that it was almost contemporaneous being published in 1975 and taking place in the late 1960s and early 1970s and makes references to hippies the permissive society Vietnam and Enoch Powell The final two volumes Temporary Kings and Hearing Secret Harmonies each moving the narrative forward by around ten years allows for some dramatic changes to have occurred the most notable change is in Widmerpool whose trajectory changes in ways that would be difficult for anyone to imagine earlier in the series Anthony Powell finished the series with a real flourish Hearing Secret Harmonies embraces the late sixties counterculture and contains some truly stunning scenes He also manages to introduce yet new characters including the memorable Scorpio Murtlock and his Harmony cultOverall A Dance to the Music of Time is magnificent Reading the series has been such a fabulous experience Anthony Powell is a master Although the books can be read and enjoyed individually and on their own terms the real pleasure is in reading all twelve books and enjoying a narrative that takes place over a seventy year time span Calling his series A Dance is a perfect metaphor as Anthony Powell is akin to a choreographer who intricately keeps track of over four hundred characters across than a million words It s a stunning achievement and throughout his beautiful writing is as much of a joy as the ingenious plot and his ambitious and completely successful cultural and social history of England throughout the twentieth centuryThe star of the series is undeniably Kenneth Widmerpool one of the most memorable characters I have ever encountered in a book Widmerpool is a contemporary of narrator Nick Jenkins and despite not being friends he crops up somewhere in every volume Whilst narrator Nick along with many of the characters represent musicians poets novelists painters etc Widmerpool is the opposite a ruthlessly ambitious person but a deeply flawed human being I wonder to what extent he might represent the triumph of commerce and bureaucracy over aesthetic considerations that appears to be one of the main aspects of twentieth century historyWhilst reading it I have had a copy of Invitation To The Dance by Hilary Spurling which is a wonderful reference book particularly when I needed reminding about a character who had just reappeared Now I have finished the series I plan to read the whole of Invitation To The Dance as it clearly contains lots of other useful and interesting information I also have a copy of To Keep the Ball Rolling The Memoirs of Anthony Powell which looks like another wonderful book and according to the cover is especially illuminating to students of A Dance to the Music of Time I am really looking forward to reading both in addition to re reading this marvellous series again A Dance to the Music of Time is a masterpiece and one of the best literary experiences I have ever enjoyed Profound funny dramatic and remarkably accessible and easy to read It is a series I will return to again I cannot praise it highly enough

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Free read ↠ Hearing Secret Harmonies ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB The final novel in Anthony Powell's brilliant twelve novel seuence A Dance to the Music of TimeDiscov. Such a long journey We first met Nick Jenkins in school as a teenager with a keen interest in the affairs of others and a rather reclusive shy temperament Now he is in his late sixties and hopefully he has some wisdom to impart from all the events he witnessed from all the people he has met and from all the books he has read or written Two compensations for growing old are worth putting on record as the condition asserts itself The first is a vantage point gained for acuiring embellishments to narratives that have been unfolding for years beside one s own trimmings that can even appear to supply the conclusion of a given story though finality is never certain a dimension always possible to add The other mild advantage endorses a keener perception for the authenticities of mythology not only of the traditional sort but when such are any good the latterday mythologies of poetry and the novel The whole journey is allegorically portrayed as a Dance the actors coming in and out of focus to the tune of a melody only they can hear Careful observation might reveal recurring patterns and familiar faces but the important thing is that the Dance is eternal New players come in as old friends depart Fancy new steps are claimed by a younger generation who unwittingly are repeating the same moves that were popular in their grandfather s timesCase in point The first chapter introduces a new character that will be central to the events unfolding in this last volume His assumed name is Scorpio Murtlock and he is the self appointed guru of a new sect that seeks communion with the higher spheres of existence a harmonious life and a revival of pagan rites and beliefs Since one of his adepts is Fiona Cutts a relative of Nick s wife Isobel Murtlock and his gang come to visit Jenkins at his country retreat there to reenact some humorous scenes and dialogues from his childhood encounter with another guru a Dr Trelawney How are we going to bring off an act of Harmony on a Saturday afternoon Through the Elements What elements Fire Air Earth Water In practical terms the project devolves into a leisurely crayfish trapping But since Nick is in a contemplative mood the whole opening scene is infused with portents and whimsical fancy reiterating the closing verse of the penultimate episode a uote from Thomas Vaughan about the liberated soul ascending looking at the sunset towards the west wind and hearing secret harmoniesJenkins is watching a flight of ducks forming their customary arrow across the sunset clouds and draws connections between Roman auguries military tactics and the coming winter of his soul the end of all seasons What message do the birds foretell If you haven t noticed until now our narrator is a bit of a snob and finally he gets to acknowledge this less savoury aspect of his personality throwing obscure words vaticinatory and literary allusions at the young hippies when he gets vexed by their smug appropriation of mystical powers One had to fight back Murtlock made no comment I hoped the uotation had floored him Side note the reader is advised to be patient The younger generation has its own way of getting back at the pompous elders view spoiler throwing paint at Widmerpool and stinkbombs at official dinners hide spoiler