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Read The magic of watches 107 For Neophytes to learn the fundamentals and appreciate the main features of a model its ualities and weaknesses For amateurs to create the desire to knowabout fine watches For connoisseurs to revise important concepts and even increase their knowledge What is a beautiful watch How do you make a good choice The Magic of Watches explains how and why these little objects are so precious fascinating and exciting The book presents paradoxes why a one million dollar watch might be less precise andfragile than one that costs dollars It comes back to the origins of the measurement of time how did we go from the water clock t.

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Read The magic of watches 107 Rin Since he has been the editor in chief of TheWatches a web based television channel dedicated to watches located in Geneva Nardin also works as an independent journalist for topical publications such as Watch Around and HH Journal The Fondation of Haute Horlogerie webzine He has been a speaker for watchmaking events as well as co organiser of private events for independent watch brands during Baselworld He also envisages technical concepts such as the display of the Lady Comliu e a highly complicated timepiece completed by Faberg in which won the Ladies High ech Watch Prize at the Grand prix d Horlogerie de Gen ve.

Read & Download ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Û L Nardin

Read The magic of watches 107 O the wristwatch The book goes on to techniue how does a mechanical movement work How does a uartz one work delves into details what is a complication and when do we speak about chronometer showcases art how do we enamel a dial The Magic of Watches is uniue it focuses in detail on the basics in order to understand and love watches betterHolding a Master s degree in History and Sociology as well as certificate in Journalism with a specialisation in watches and the watchmaking industry Louis Nardin was appointed in editor in chief and content manager of Worldtempus a reference site available in French English and Manda.

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