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review Journals Join or create book clubs á 4 characters Journals characters Ï 104 New the history of rock and who was determined to define his place in that history Here is a mesmerizing incomparable portrait of the most influential musician of his time. I bought this as a gift so have not fully read the contents The book is bigger than I expected and looks like a large paperback journal From a uick flick through the pages I could see drawings diary entries lyrics observations and I even spotted a recipe in there This book is a must have for Kurt Cobain or Nirvana fans

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review Journals Join or create book clubs á 4 characters Journals characters Ï 104 S plans for Nirvana and his thoughts about fame the state of music and the people who bought and sold him and his music His journals reveal an artist who loved music who k. I did not even thought there is something like this personal diaryjournal by Kurt Cobain until I happened to be skimming through the craigslist for sale ads and saw someone selling a used notebook I thought to myself why would some crazy person selling a used written over college notebook and expect someone to buy it Until I read the ad closely about Kurt Cobain diary that s when I looked it up here in The craigslist seller lives too far to be worth the travel and purchase it In the 1990s I liked Nirvana s music just a tad than let say Guns N Roses but I didn t felt a high respect for Cobain probably just the prejudice and what the media portrayed him But I figured who am I to judge I m nobody he s famous and made millions so I tried to learn about his life and visited his former home here in Seattle where I also live This journal made him and his life and his band Nirvana interesting than ever Cobain is smart and funny Some of these letters he wrote and drawings he drew just made me smile This is definitely a great collection for Nirvana fans

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review Journals Join or create book clubs á 4 characters Journals characters Ï 104 The lyrics notebook and personal journals of Kurt Cobain iconic singer of the band NirvanaKurt Cobain filled dozens of notebooks with lyrics drawings and writings about hi. This is such a hard item to review In a strange way it almost feels like owning a copy of this is a review of your morality because of its private nature Be that as it may the journals are out there and I am one of those who purchased a copyDuring my High School years Kurt Cobain was something of a minor god for me His views on politics music movies human nature books and authenticity shaped how I saw the world Like many who get into Nirvana during their teenage years I wanted to be the next Kurt Cobain Here was this guy who was such an enigma to mainstream culture in virtually every way at that time The shabby way he dressed the way he denounced the mainstream despite being part of it and this aura of rebellion that he exuded captivated my teenage mind I was hooked and when I came across these journals it seemed like a perfect way to learn about this person I deeply admired and emulated Unfortunately a deeper bond with the mind of Kurt Cobain was not to be found for me in these pagesIn an effort to maintain the integrity whatever small amount there is in making a buck off someone s private journals of the writing the publishers scanned images from the actual journal pages At first you may think this is a cool idea with an authentic appeal however you uickly find that is not the case For all his other talents Kurt Cobain had atrocious handwriting Often I found myself combing page after page for something legible or coherent Very few of these journals are actually well journals Most of it are doodles notes ideas for lyrics letters that were likely never sent and random things jotted down There are moments where you do find entries that do fit the usual journal entry but don t expect to learn anything scandalousHonestly that s about it Personally the biggest let down for me was after I closed the book the shame I felt for having opened it One of the things you learn about Cobain when you dig deep into his life was he cherished his privacy In fact the Vanity Fair article that portrayed him and Courtney as heroin addicted parents scarred him profoundly Many believe that it was that scandal and the conseuences that followed which led to him ultimately killing himself If he were alive today I imagine the sale of these journals would be a great personal betrayal of his trust Truthfully can not the same be said of almost everyone I for one would be mortified if my personal thoughts which were only intended for me to see became available at book stores worldwide Sadly it s because Cobain s a celebrity that we put aside our consciences and dive into the gossipI am writing this review nearly a decade after originally buying the journals which is about the time I last opened it up As I write this that feeling of guilt is brewing in my stomach that I m making my ownership of this public I don t even know exactly what my intention is writing this review except maybe to say think hard before picking this up This is not a biography written by someone who never knew Cobain This journal contains intimate details of a person s life who never meant for any of us to see If you have difficulty understanding that perhaps place yourself in those shoes The book is out there and whether or not you buy it will not change that fact but you can spare yourself the dirty feeling I ve described in this review I can t blame you if you do anyway because I just had to know as well Like I said in the beginning the ownership of this book is a review of who you are as a person in a way Are you someone who says Ah well he s dead what does he care if his privacy is violated Or will you respect that some things aren t meant to be looked into While I didn t exactly say the former my actions basically did and for that I feel regret