If You Can't Fly [Pdf Download]

  • Hardcover
  • 368
  • If You Can't Fly
  • Anna Priemaza
  • English
  • 14 April 2020
  • 9780062560803

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If You Can't Fly characters ñ 104 Read & Download If You Can't Fly Place in a difficult worldKat and Meg couldn’t be different Kat’s anxiety makes it hard for her to talk to people Meg hates being alone but her ADHD keeps pushing people away But when the two girls are thrown together for a year lo. The thing about this book is it was written for me Okay Not really But it sure felt that way while I was reading Because1 It has everything I want from a book2 I became ridiculously immersed in the story3 Kat is basically me This book is absolutely hilarious I laughed out loud times than I can count But I also cried I felt every heart twisting thing the characters were going through like it was happening to me And to top it off the writing itself was absolutely beautifulBoth Meg and Kat are wonderful and loveably flawed and real As Kat herself describes them Meg is the ideas person The brainstormer She is watermelon thrown from roofs and speed runs for science I am uestionnaires and control factorsKat s anxieties could have been pulled straight from my own brain And Meg Well Meg is a force of nature Her frantic energy leapt off the page I could read her often hilarious sometimes heartbreaking rambling forever In fact the only thing I disliked about the book is that it s only a book My life would be so much richer if Meg were my best friend Both Meg and Kat were such vivid characters that I really did feel like they were real I felt like I was part of their friendship like by reading the book I d joined an amazingly special secret club At a certain part it was as if I stopped observing and became an actual participant in the story I think there are a lot of Megs and Kats in the world People who don t fit in People who look at the world around them and wonder why they re different why they can t just be normal But there s no such thing as normal And being different doesn t mean being broken I can t wait for this book to get into the hands of all the Megs and Kats so they can be reminded that like the characters they re actually awesome

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If You Can't Fly

If You Can't Fly characters ñ 104 Read & Download If You Can't Fly For fans of Nicola Yoon’s Everything Everything Emery Lord’s When We Collided and Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl Anna Priemaza’s debut novel is a heartwarming and achingly real story of finding a friend being a fan and defining your. OhMyGodI ll reread this as soon as I possibly canThe most underrated book I ever read This is actually inspiring me to create an understated shelf even if it has only this bookThis book has 690 ratings 690Even I the dorkiest guy ever has 612 friends hereOkay so what s all the screaming and exclamation marks are forThey are for the friendship they are for the perfect sibling relationships they are for not making your characters annoyingly perfect and they are for the awesomeness and joy of my favorite winter readI honestly didn t expect this to be the perfect timing to read this I somehow thought this is going to be a summer read but it wasn t Honestly it s like everything came together just so I have the best time reading thisSo Kat and Meg Conuer the World is about two girls one has anxiety and the other has ADHD They end up pairing for a science project and unlikely friendship blossoms nourished by their love for a video game and the youtuber that plays itI m doing a terrible job explaining what s so good about this so here s a list of the things that usually bother me with some contemporaries1 A love interest that steals the show from family and friends2 You know when the MC goes to a talent show and wins the whole thing yeah that3 O the so annoyingly girl hate for a trash of a guy why why4 The perfect romance I mean these are teens there s going to a fair amount of heartbreak and not everyone is matched perfectlyThis book has almost nothing of that The friendship is wholesome and it s the main point of the book there are no talent shows but there s a science fair and I loved how it was handled I m not spoiling you maybe they won maybe they haven t but I loved how that helped the story NO GIRL HATE WHATSOEVER And finally there s a fair amount of heartbreakThe characters in this book are my absolute favorite Kat and Meg are the best but seriously everyone was great The grandad Kat s brother and Meg s siblings too I loved them allEven their friends were amazing The other thing I loved is how there are no bullies or your typical cheerleader divas I mean bullying is an important issue that I like seeing discussed but tbh growing up I didn t see that at least not in school and if anyone was going to be bullied it was me XDI loved Meg and her hyperactivity keeping up with her was hard and a whole lot of fun It helped Kat get out of her comfort zone and be social and I loved loved loved her character development Seriously the thing that I loved about her is also what I hoped she changes I mean this was freakin amazing to do in a small book like thisKat on the other hand was what pull Meg back down to earth and of course I mean that in the best way possible She was her anchor and she was always there She was brave and I love herThe writing in this book is great I don t know how to explain it but it s in the small things my attention would drift off sometimes but the book always pulled me back to focus I forgot to highlight some of those moments but one of them is Kat being upset and she tried to bake but forgot the yeast so she dumped that dough in the trash and the scene was so real to me I visualized it so vividlyI pull the white garbage bin out from under the sink invert the silver bowl and smack the bottom until gravity draws the mass into the garbage bag with a thump The thump at the end is what made it for me XDMeg s siblings were adorable and I loved them we didn t get much of them but I was happy with every scene we hadKat s relationship with her brother is phenomenal and it s a lot like mine and my sister I absolutely adored it and it s one of the parts that made the book for meI mean look how cute this isFor the rest of the school day and my entire bus ride home I sing in my head to the tune of O Christmas Tree O Luke is home O Luke is home It s Christmas break and Luke is homeI m deadHere s another thing that made the book for meIt s Grayson which is hello amazingBut it s not KatThis is Meg wishing she could talk to her friend instead of the guy she has a crush on enough said Or maybe not enough because that s the damn coolest thing in a book everConsThe only thing I can think of is how Meg s relationship moved kind of fast but again that s understandable with her ADHD and technically it took months but it just feels fast because the story needed to move onMaybe also that Kat s parents weren t much present Yeah they were very absentPlease you guys read this book I beg of you Pretty please with cherries on topI ll leave you with this uote That s all it takes apparently But I shouldn t be surprised Meg gets me

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If You Can't Fly characters ñ 104 Read & Download If You Can't Fly Ng science project they discover they do have one thing in common They’re both obsessed with the same online gaming star and his hilarious videosIt might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship if they don’t kill each other firs. BUT REALLY GUYS THIS IS THE BEST BOOKSo I got to read this as part of our critiue group and I ve seen this book from early stages but even before editing I LOVE LOVE LOVE it And it all comes down to the charactersKat and Meg are two of the most relatable protagonists I ve read in young adult fiction They both have their problems flaws and crippling self doubts but they also have their talents and their larger than life personalities Kat struggles with anxiety and has trouble stepping out of her comfort zone Meg has ADHD and her wandering mind and loud personality often seem to push people away from her But when the two are paired up on a science fair project and bond over their love of the same youtube gamer their friendship is what really makes the bookThere aren t enough books out there focusing on female friendships While there is a spot of romance in this one Kat and Meg are the stars and its their relationship that drives the plot They re just the perfect compliments to each other even if they sometimes get on each other s nerves Its a funny heart warming and very real book and definitely contains one of the best portrayals of anxiety I ve ever seen So what I m saying is YOU SHOULD ADD THIS BOOK TO YOUR TO READ LIST AND BUY IT AS SOON AS YOU CANPlease and thank youAimee