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Lydia Goodfellow ↠ 6 characters

His To Keep Free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Lydia Goodfellow ↠ 6 characters Ava is ripped from her life by a sadistic priest on her way home from school He leads a very sinister and secret life She is forced t. Did not finish reading this story but i would recommend it to lovers of horror dark books First things first I don t like to be scared In fact I never dared to read the horror genre until I picked this story I was intrigued by the synopsis and the writing and thought that it s not as scary on paper as it is on screenThis is me after reading couple of chapters How much gore and violence can i handleNone at all uite franklyI know i am such a pussyThat being said the storyline is unpredictable uniue engaging and of course terrifying perfect choice for horror fans Let me warn you if you do not like intense violence like me you might want to skip this one You have been warned about it s intensity so curl up and prepare to be shocked I ll go back to reading about birds singing

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His To Keep

His To Keep Free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Lydia Goodfellow ↠ 6 characters S she finds herself caring for the boy with dark secrets To survive Ava must choose between her freedom and love What will she choose. Oh my gosh where do I start with this book I would really want this book to become a movie Like I feel like crying just thinking of Adam And I felt EVERYTHING the main character Ava felt Like literally At one point during when she was tied trying to rescue her friend it felt like my skin was burning just like hers as she tried to break out of the ropes That s how I was so captivated by this book I love it and I would recommend this book to anyone who is willing to get the feels of love and the feels of a good horror book I think I can even put this at my ultimate favorite book And if there was a seuel I kindof would be happy but it would have to be a preuel to what Callum had to go through That would be good Or a seuel with callum and Ava s little girl getting kidnapped by someone And experiences the same thing Idk but I loved the ending so I m kind of contempt with what there is But like I said earlier I love this book so much I might read it again just so I can fall in love 2x

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His To Keep Free read Ö PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Lydia Goodfellow ↠ 6 characters O live in a room with his son trapped in a house of hell Day by day her innocence is torn apart but despite witnessing horrific event. So I found this book after a friend recommended it to me I usually don t read horror never like never ever But this book seriously blew me off I had to read it and finished it in 3 4 hours It was that good it kept me on the edge the entire time So the story starts off with Ava who is a young innocent teenager living with her highly religious grandmother in an extremely small town The beginning of the book gives you the feeling of horror just by the description the small town and the Priest in the Church during Sunday Mass Later on we realise that the priest called Aaron is the big bad guy who kidnaps Ava But the priest was not the only one who was there to torture her As soon as she reached his home he locked her up in a room with his son Callum Callum was all kinds of wierd and creepy but we just didn t know it and nor did Ava until she fell in love with him and had sex with him and found out the truth about him I loved this book because it showed Callum s character and how he truly didn t want to hurt to anyone but was brought up by such a horrible family he wanted out and ultimately fell in love with Ava and planned their escape This book truly was amazing So I read the unedited version available on Wattpad but I knocked off a star because I think the author should have written another last chapter describing life after the escape a bit in detail and the epilogue should have been decriptive maybe Either way I would love to read the edited version and if she ever releases a seuel I will totally buy both His to Keep and its seuel