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  • 26 March 2018
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Everybody Lies Summary ï 104 characters Everybody Lies S that this could just be the most important dataset ever collectedThis huge database of secrets unprecedented in human history offers astonishing even revolutionary insights into humankind Anxiety for instance does not increase after a terrorist attack Crime levels drop when a violent film is released And racist searches are no higher in Republican areas th. These extra sources of data have a lot of potential if used correctly So true about people not giving correct answers to surveyors because of fear of judgement

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Everybody Lies Summary ï 104 characters Everybody Lies 'This book is about a whole new way of studying the mind endlessly fascinating' Steven PinkerEverybody lies to friends lovers doctors pollsters and to themselves In Internet searches however people confess their secrets about sexless marriages mental health problems even racist views Seth Stephens Davidowitz an economist and former Google data scientist show. This book is a glorious introduction to the growing discipline of data science and uses it to uncover insights on important issues relevant to our lives The book s title is very fitting and Seth goes on to show that indeed people do lie as is shown by analysis done on datasets of Google searches An alternative title could be that the Truth Hurts because readers are given a glimpse of the darker and hidden aspect of human nature and the world much of what we see and hear is divorced from reality A great example he gives is the case of Barack Obama whose election victory was thought by many to be ushering in a post racial world but in reality fuelled a white nationalist movement that culminated in the selection of Donald Trump I don t want to spoil the book for you and so will hold back from giving further examples but there are many insights uncovered by the author that will change how you view humanity and life It is only a fraction of what data science can uncover in sports politics society business etc It is only a tiny slice of all the discoveries that have yet to be madeSeth explains data science and throws many fascinating insights from his studies at us What he doesn t go through is the painstaking work he went through in collecting organising and exploring the data There are no highly technical concepts for readers to wade through But what if you want to start working with data yourself My personal recommendation would be free data visualisation software called Tableau which literally takes in large excel and CSV files then spits out interactive insights through your manipulation which doesn t take so long to learn It allows everyone to engage in data analysis and uncover their own insights about areas they are interested in

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Everybody Lies Summary ï 104 characters Everybody Lies An in Democrat ones Stephens Davidowitz reveals information we can use to change our culture and the uestions we're afraid to ask that might be essential to our health both emotional and physical Insightful funny and always surprising Everybody Lies exposes the biases and secrets embedded deeply within us at a time when things are harder to predict than ever. This is a really good book It is funny reasonably well written and with enough amusing anecdotes and vignettes to break up the serious thrust of the argument which is simple enough internet searches provide the large datasets which avoid many of the difficulties and expenses in traditional face to face and survey uestionnaire work The second part of the argument is that people lie when presenting themselves on the Internet eg Facebook they are presenting their ideal selves but they tell the truth when typing into search engines for their own searches This is especially true of the most sensitive areas of human emotional life sex relationships racial hatred homosexuality abortion and so on It also allows certain other uestions to be tackled which go against received wisdom is the Internet creating echo chambers where politically engaged people only read listen to their own side spoiler no And it allows the verification of certain stereotypes do men who search for gay porn also search for information about Judy Garland spoiler yes It allows one to find proper evidence based examples of cultural differences And so on One of my favourites was showing the effect on countries of political leaders being assassinatedSo this book is full of interest for those believing or who are open to being persuaded that the march of big data into the social sciences is continuing And on the flip side it shows such techniues are being used in the corporate and political world as well to sell us stuff or get us to donate primarily by using these big data techniues to leverage natural and uick feedback experiments to find out what works Although it also does show why it won t work for the stock market as part of an overall section showing the limitations of these techniuesHighly recommended for those interested in the uses actual and potential and abuses of big data in the modern world particularly using internet searches as the dataset