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  • Harvard's Education
  • Suzanne Brockmann
  • English
  • 06 October 2018
  • 9780373078844

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Free read Harvard's Education 109 T herself get sidetracked Not now when her goal was finally within reach Unfortunately so was Harvard every hard muscled pure male irresistible inch of hi. I my uest to read all of the Tall Dark Dangerous books within a short span of time this was a reread for me I always expect great thing from Suzanne Brockmann and she rarely disappoints In reading through the series this book is 5 I have noticed that some of the characters have similarities with some characters from the Troubleshooter series One really striking similarity is between PJ and Alyssa LockePJ is a balls to the wall black woman who is out to prove she is just as good as any man and better than most She is a FInCOM FBI agent and has been chosen to take part in a joint training operation with SEAL Team 10 Alpha Suad to combat terrorism The CSF team is PJ and 3 other men and the 7 member Alpha

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Free read Harvard's Education 109 THE MAN AND HIS MISSIONAs a navy SEAL Harvard had seen his share of trainees before but PJ Rogers managed to pack fire in her five foot two inch body than. OK I have to admit that I gave up on this one I couldn t even get half way through the previous book and although I got 75% of the way through this one it just stopped working for me The biggest problem I had with this one was that the heroine was so one dimensional She was a gun toting wrong side of the tracks virgin man wannabe determined to show that she s as much of a man as the next man I have a few problems with this so here goes1 The portrayal of the heroine is so stereotypical The woman wanting to be a man thing just annoys the hell out of me It s totally dated let s say c 1980 and just gets my back up I actually have had experience as working as the only woman in a man s world as an engineer o

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Free read Harvard's Education 109 All the men he'd ever worked with And he couldn't help hoping for some personal contactOne thing always in control PJ Rogers couldn't afford to do was le. Well I like an alpha male and I like a strong woman as counterpart to make it interessting but it s easy to cross the line where I get annoyed If a male is too alpha I don t like and if a woman is too strong I don t like For some reason the author chose another very strong and very independed woman againIn the book before about Cowboy his woman was borderline I get that getting someone pregnant isn t a reason to get married or base a marriage on but resting all the help is stupid In this book PJ took this whole independent strong woman thing another step furhter I get as a tiny black woman in a mainly mens job you have to be twice as tough as everybody else but after the 5th repetition that she can do