Who We Are

Delivering guaranteed solutions across the globe!

At BJWP LTD, we innovate new ways of communicating for the 21st Century telecoms and broadcasting market. Our mission is to offer our customers the best quality, resilient and cost effective services based on our extensive expertise within the industry. Through our state of the art VoIP/TDM network, Wimax-Wifi infrastructure and webcasting/broadcasting we deliver cutting-edge solutions to other carriers, corporate organisations and private users in the UK, Europe, USA and Africa.

BJWP Ltd provides television and radio transmission, distribution and media management for the world’s leading broadcasters on Multiplexes to Astra 2A at 23.5 degE currently generated by SES at their HQ teleport.

Our core assets include the UK terrestrial broadcast network together with teleports and media hubs at key locations around the world, plus comprehensive satellite capacity, multiplexes and international fibre network.

Television Uplink Distribution
Trusted management and distribution of TV channels to multiple platforms worldwide through our global teleport, tower and fibre infrastructure including transmission of all UK terrestrial television channels.

We provide the following services:

  • High performance and resilient network infrastructure
  • Superior voice termination and internet connectivity
  • Media server and web hosting capability
  • Scalable solutions for carriers and corporate organisations
  • POP at Telehouse Docklands, London & The Bunker, Kent

Our Clients