BJWP LTD provides a reliable, webTV, live and on-demand video streaming service to support your channel, brand, event, e-business or marketing initiative. Our streaming platform is securely located and highly resilient, offering extremely high guaranteed uptime.
We offer reliable and cost-effective streaming solutions tailored for different budgets and requirements, with a full suite of services for both live and on-demand video streaming, including encoding, reporting and tracking.
From a simple streamed feed of video and audio integrated into your own web site through to a bespoke WebTV site with registration and pay per view, BJWP LTD has the technology and experience to cater for your needs.

Web TV
WebTV is the presentation of live or pre-recorded video in the form of a scheduled television service on the internet.
The BJWP LTD WebTV platform is highly flexible, with fully scalable solutions to meet all requirements. WebTV design and implementation is core to BJWP LTD’s offering – from specially designed players embedded into your site to full WebTV solutions, BJWP LTD has the package to match your needs.
BJWP LTD can fully design sites or work with your own designers to integrate functionality into existing sites which can be fully content-managed with additional security for pay per view if required.

Live streaming is generally connected with a specific event such as a conference, concert or ceremony and the audience may be worldwide or restricted to a particular country or region.
BJWP LTD’s live streaming media and webcasting facilities allow you to deliver audio and video in real time to and from anywhere in the world.
Our support package includes extensive pre-event testing to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our development team can help you with code for designing your own web pages – or our designers can create them for you.
During the event we monitor all streams for availability and performance and for concurrent number of viewers.

On Demand
On Demand, often referred to as VOD (Video on Demand), is the delivery of pre-recorded video on the internet which users can access as and when they wish.
BJWP LTD can take your video in most major formats, look after all of the encoding and incorporate the encoded files into a single player or full WebTV solution.
The quality of the original video determines the quality of the video after encoding. However using BJWP LTD's encoding methods, we can produce superior video quality at lower connection speeds – thereby reducing your costs – as well as giving users with lower connection speeds the best possible viewing experience. Our streaming backbone and adaptive networking significantly reduce undesirable buffering.

BJWP LTD can tailor your content to meet the specific requirements of the mobile platforms. Delivery is automatically optimised for the specific network and mobile handset in use, ensuring the best possible user experience within the capabilities of the mobile phone being used, including the Apple iPhone and Blackberry range.

BJWP LTD works with a number of partners to add a full advertising package to complement your content and ensure that it is effectively monetised.
Advertising may be fully generic, or personalised depending upon the viewing preferences of the individual user. Pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll capability are fully supported, with full tracking and reporting available via a secure remote login.

BJWP LTD provides appropriate solutions for all areas of stream encoding including High Definition and bulk as well as suitable solutions for live and on-demand encoding.

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