Server Hosting

BJWP LTD dedicated servers are ideal if you are hosting a large number of Internet services and require complete control over your operation. They are suitable for running a single, high traffic or database intensive website, a number of smaller sites or as a means of reselling Internet services.
Our servers are also suitable for other services such as multimedia streaming, IRC or game servers. Servers can be supplied with Linux or Windows operating systems, and can be based on our own brand hardware, or on Dell enterprise grade systems.

If you are planning on hosting a highly secure, very busy, or a large number of small sites our dedicated servers are ideal for your needs. They are also perfect for hosting a private server for your gaming clan, or creating a highly secure enviroment for an e-commerce platform. Our dedicated servers comply with the security regulations for most credit card merchant service providers and can be configured easily with a secure certificate to reassure your customers that their details are safe.
All our dedicated servers come with instant reboot ports, Unlimited bandwidth and 100MBit connection to our Internet backbone with 99.9% availability SLA, 5GB off-site backup storage, and 24/7 support.

Our Clients